Monday, 20 May 2013

Flash Carts

One of the Holy Grails of Neo Geo enthusiasts' wish lists is a flash cartridge for the system. There is photographic evidence around that suggests a certain development group has developed one, but I would assume its primary purpose is to assist in development of their Neo Geo games. I'd imagine it could be programmed with a reasonable selection of legacy Neo Geo titles, but it would perhaps be safe to assume that it would not be capable of supporting every single game for the system. Regardless, they're not for sale.

I'm not making any such claims either at this stage, but the intention is there to produce some sort of programmable (flash?) cartridge to assist in the development - or more specifically, testing - of the Neo Geo IP. Unfortunately, whilst the cartridge will be programmable in-system via the FPGA on the system board, this will of course not be an option on an actual SNK system board.

Anyway, it's a long way off yet; pointless even designing it without a significant portion of the Neo Geo IP developed and running, and without some in-depth research into the protection mechanisms employed on the various cartridges. But I guess it's possible that eventually I'll have learnt enough to develop a flash cartridge that is programmable externally, and maybe even capable of running most Neo Geo titles.

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