Thursday, 15 August 2013

Still showing signs of life

It would seem that my colleague Chris has more interesting things on his plate than designing power supplies for NGPACE, despite his previous pledges of assistance.

The good news is that another colleague has stepped up to the plate, and registered interest in lending a hand. Hopefully this means the ball will start rolling again, and we can get to the business end of the circuit design. I've suggested he look at the power supplies as well as the analogue audio and video circuitry, which just about covers the schematic capture except for the FPGA pin assignment; something best left until layout.

I'm about to take 5 weeks (well-deserved) leave so I won't be around to shake the stick or contribute anything other than answering questions about the design, but I'm hoping my colleague - who should have some spare time up his sleeve in the next few weeks - gets onto a roll with this!

Perhaps a good sign - he modified the 14" CRT chassis in the recently refurbished office arcade cabinet to better suit the 19" monitor that is installed, and we subsequently rotated the monitor back to horizontal so I could install a Neo Geo MVS board and a Metal Slug cartridge. That should get him into the mood! ;)

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