Friday, 22 November 2013

(Not Sega) Genesis

Today I spent my lunchtime setting up a new 68K ASM project that will become NeoKong (aka Neo Geo port of the arcade Donkey Kong). I've decided to stick with the GNU assembler for compatibility with C projects and the devkit, and I also figured (rightly or wrongly) that it was the de-facto standard assembler for Neo Geo development.

As it stands, my code instructs the BIOS to run the eye-catcher animation, sets the stack pointer, acknowledges interrupts and then loops kicking the watchdog. Not too exciting I admit, but it took a bit of time to convert the header files from the (ASW-based) sprite sample source from the Neo Geo Development Wiki page for GNU AS.

Now the fun begins.


  1. Just found this blog and read all your posts and this is the most awesome project ever! I got into FPGA recently and planning to use it for simplify arcade pcbs. But Neogeo have allways been my favourite system, and i have around 60 carts for the system, a couple of aes consoles and some mvs boards. I couldnt wish for a better project than this! Just sad that I cant help with it since im totally new to FPGAs and have a long road infront of me while learning. I will follow this project every day :). If there is anything else that I could do to help, then just ask man! Best regards from Sweden / Stefan

  2. Thanks! It certainly is an exciting project and one that frustrates me with my lack of time, so the best I can do is to work on related Neo Geo projects whilst I try to arrange further progress on the PCB...

    If you're getting into FPGA arcade emulation, check out my project page at