Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Do you want to play a game?

Lunchtime progress: can insert (only 1) coin and select START1P.

Not sure if the issue with it accepting only a single coin is a Neo Geo issue or a Donkey Kong porting issue. Either way, it's likely a trivial problem (I always regret saying that!)

For now I've hooked the START1P to Neo Geo BUTTONC, only because after the experience I had with the coin-ups it was always going to be quicker and easier. I'll look at what's required to hook it up properly tonight if I get the opportunity.

But the big news is - it's now executing the main game-play loop!!!

Right now I've got the loop executing the attract mode initialisation - just to see something happening - but I've also verified it in the MAME debugger. And at this point, the attract mode and game-play modes merge again, so I can test either.

But first, I've got bills to pay...

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