Saturday, 7 December 2013

Even more spritely!

Not a lot of time on the weekends, but a little more progress..

Fixed a bug in the tilemap render routine that was cutting off the top row when rotated. Now you see the 1UP and HIGH SCORE text, which was absent from the last screenshot. Oh and the sprites aren't scaled yet, so the placement was never going to be right, but they're approximate atm.

I've been working on the level/game-play initialisation routine, which as you can imagine is not trivial. The background renders are done, as I mentioned, in a generic routine with a 2nd level-specific routine. Then all the game-play data is initialised, including sprite positions. Here each level has its own sprite initialisation routine as well, which is where Kong's barrels, the oil barrel and hammers (not ported yet) are done. You might also notice a couple of errant ladder tiles at the top of the screen are now missing - for some unknown reason black sprites are used to cover them!?!

I'll probably spend the time now and complete all the sprite routines for the other levels, since they are tightly coupled to other in-game data structures like the fireball locations. Then at least I can see all screens in their entirety and maybe even at least start to run them in attract mode. So Mario will have to wait a little longer before he can run!

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