Monday, 9 December 2013

Hammer time!

Again, weekends aren't the most conducive to working on Neo Kong, but I have managed to get the hammers coded up.

Ignore the sprite offsets, I'll fix them soon!

Perhaps a little more work than you'd expect just to display two hammers, but now we're getting into the meat of the code; objects (such as hammers) are represented by 14-byte data structures which are initialised in several stages from different data sources.

I've been doing my own reverse-engineering at this point because thus far I've encountered a few minor errors in the other disassemblies and have been thrown a little off course by them. I should note here that you can't really fault them - it's one thing to comment a disassembly and another thing altogether to actually re-write every single instruction for another CPU! It takes me a little more time but I guess it's worth the independent verification- though it's not something I'll need to do for every instruction as once the data structures are identified, the rest of the code should fall out quite easily.

And this is way too premature, but I've also been thinking of my next porting project... and I think I've got a candidate that is perhaps a better fit to the Neo Geo than Donkey Kong.

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