Thursday, 19 December 2013

Just Silly

Despite the fact that we're fast approaching the silly season, time to spend on 'silly' pursuits seems to be getting harder to find, not easier. And so in my spare 10 minutes here and there I'm still chipping away at the port...

And despite the fact that I had intentions of finishing off the non-gameplay sections of the code, I found myself looking for the code that ticks down the bonus timer. Interestingly, the timer on the barrel/girder level is handled differently and is inter-twined with the barrel deployment timers. Eventually I quickly gave up on that as I'm not ready to dive into that area of the code, but at least now I have the bonus timer ticking down... albeit it too quickly on the 1st level.

Bonus timer displayed and ticking down

And putting off the less interesting bits yet again, I wanted to see if I could make Mario at least move without much effort. But alas, although now it detects left/right movement and updates the sprite, the code to adjust the coordinates was too convoluted with too many unknown variables to hack quickly.

At least I have a starting point for the game-play, but for now I'll return to the high score update and name registration screens. Then I'll do one final audit of the non-gameplay code and then I can start to make the game playable!

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