Monday, 9 December 2013

Two down, two to go!

The results from lunchtime today:

As well as completing the initialisation routines for the 1st two levels, I've also fixed the background and sprite placements for the rotated mode. In rotated mode, there's absolutely no scaling (or clipping, on MAME at least) required so for an MVS board in a vertical cabinet, Neo Kong will be a pixel-perfect clone of Donkey Kong!

Thus far, Donkey Kong is using 41 sprites. I don't think there's many more sprites to be added, so I'd be surprised if it tops 64 of the 96 total that gets DMA'd to the registers.

The remaining two levels should be straightforward, as they'll mostly use routines that have already been ported. So I'll finish those off (possibly tonight) before things will start to get really interesting!

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