Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Wading through the boring bits

Not a lot to show for it, but I've been plugging away at lunchtime again. Mario's death spin is fully animated now, and I'm slowly working my way through the sundry routines that get called during game initialisation and/or clean-up, or from the main loop. This includes the various timers and housekeeping routines that don't affect much on the display. I've still got some scoring and bonus routines to do, and the high score name registration screen. Probably a few more days before I can get into the actual game-play.

In the process of Mario's death spin I had to implement sprite flipx (I had only implemented flipy previously). That comprised about 5 extra instructions. I had previously re-ordered the sprites, thinking there'd be gaps in the sprite memory map for unused sprites, but there's a only a few. Trouble is, Mario's death routine wipes a lot of the sprite objects en masse, so I reverted all the sprites to their original indices; not too painful because I use macros to address them.

I also fixed a bug in the initialisation routines that were clobbering variables that shouldn't have been clobbered; and I haven't seen the START crash since. Fingers crossed that was the source of the issue...

Interestingly, the non-Neo Geo portion of the 68K code/data is $2B1C bytes now. Although I am optimising some of the code slightly, I suspect the end result will exceed the 16KB of the Z80 ROM. I'm loathe to estimate the percentage of code I have ported at this point, but I'm hoping by now I've hit the 50% mark. And FWIW the Neo Geo PRG ROM for Neo Kong is $3888 - a few bytes short of KOF2003!

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