Friday, 27 December 2013

Your name in lights

Still trying to find 10 minutes here and there to work on the port. Managed to get name registration done, although I had to hack the score handling for the moment due to the fact that you can't actually score any points - so ignore that aspect for now...

You can also start a 2-player game and it runs right through to the end game for both now. Still a few minor issues to sort, like player 2 shows the wrong height on the "How high can you climb" screen, and those pesky ladder tops, but I'm getting closer to the point where there's only game-play code that remains to be ported.

I suspect the next few weeks won't be conducive to spending any significant amount of time on Neo Kong. I've got a week up the coast coming up but will probably leave the laptop at home in favour of the tablet and drinking with my cousin!

On a different but perhaps related note; I scored the Mega Pack for my Neo Geo X for Xmas, and I'm pretty happy that I can now play Blue's Journey on it! That'll be going up the coast with me for when my wife is playing Scrabble on her tablet! Maybe one day I'll jailbreak it and be able to play Neo Kong on it!

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