Saturday, 1 February 2014

Second thoughts and NGCD

Last night I started designing a couple of the adapter PCB's and realised I'd need a few more adapters than I originally thought. I also realised that the clearance between the cartridge PCB's wasn't adequate for EURO connectors. That sparked a discussion session with my colleague over lunch and I came away with a different take on the adapters.

I'm still mulling over the consequences but I think in the end it'll mean less adapters but a more straightforward design, at the expense of being able to house it in a standard cartridge shell. Interestingly today I stumbled across an old picture of part of a Neo Geo development system that I had downloaded from the net some time ago and it is of an adapter very similar to what I'm currently considering!

Anyway, still very early days yet...

I also received my NGCD unit from Japan today, and I'm happy to announce that it arrived in good working condition. I successfully burned one game (Metal Slug which, incidentally, I do own the MVS cartridge for) just to test the burn method in preparation for getting Donkey Kong running on it...

...but first I need to get it running under the NeoCD/SDL emulator. That has proved elusive so far. In the past I've managed to build C projects successfully for both systems, so I'm at a loss to explain why Donkey Kong is not running. I've even fired up Raine and attempted to use the console (debugger) to garner some clues, but Raine itself crashes too regularly to be of much use.

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