Saturday, 15 March 2014

Friday late night update

Happily I can report that progress is being made. My colleague, who has some down time, has volunteered to take on some of the development. This has also spurred me to get the project into a state where he can work on it.

I've finished the schematics for both MVS and AES adapters. And as of this afternoon the AES adapter is almost fully laid out; only a few traces remaining and then the fun bits like the silk-screen overlay. The MVS adapter will be next, and will also leverage off the work done on the AES adapter, which was tackled first in order to gauge the size of the PCB - the MVS is much simpler to route, since the connector pin-outs are closer to 1:1.

At this rate we might have something to go out to manufacture by next Friday!

I've also been re-thinking the analyzer/programmer board and the flash cart board - considering making them both single PCB's to handle both CHA and PRG functionality. I think the flash cart is a definite candidate, the analyzer/programmer not so certain. A lot will depend on the real estate required by the level-shifting logic.

Donkey Kong is always in the back of my mind too.

And I've had a renewed interest in the Coco... need to prototype it on NGPACE first!


  1. Why don't share some pics? will receive a fix?

  2. I'll post some shots of the 3D model of the adapters when they go out for manufacture. Not very interesting though, as on their own, they don't actually do anything. They simply allow the connection of other PCB's...

    And is, unfortunately, out of my hands atm. I don't have the expertise to fix it - that's my colleague's area - and he is too far away to hit with a stick atm. I did remind him again a few days ago though.