Friday, 7 March 2014

Still here...

Not much to post about - work and Real Life have been taking most of my time. I have been picking up a few Neo Geo-related items here and there in the last few weeks, like a couple of (faulty) 2-slot boards, hoping I can fix at least one of them.

Tonight I cleaned up the MVS adapter project, fixing the cartridge connector footprints and getting the Altium Designer libraries sorted - with the assistance of my knowledgeable colleague. Whoever designed that library system needs a good, swift, kick up the bum.

Since the AES adapter is going to be the messier of the two, I really need to lay it out before the MVS so I can match the PCB sizes and, more importantly, the EURO connector spacing. To that end I started on the AES adapter schematic, and would be working on it right now if only the ^%!@$# project files had gotten saved and/or checked-in to SVN before I left the office. Don't know WTF happened there.

Neither of the boards are particularly complex, so I'm hoping I can knock them over in the next few weeks as I'm expecting work to quieten down for a little while at least.

Lastly - Donkey Kong. I still have every intention of picking it up - and almost did a few nights ago - ever mindful of the fact that the longer I leave it, the harder it will be to continue where I left off. I just haven't really had a large enough slice of free time to devote to ramping up again.

My next update should be news about the adapter PCB's going out to manufacture. Not exciting in itself, but a step towards moving the entire project ahead. I did briefly flirt with the idea of putting the analyser/flash cart on hold and just going straight for the NGPACE main board... and I still might...

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