Saturday, 12 April 2014

Adapters ordered

I've finally ordered the adapters and the connectors! I made sure I ordered enough card-edge connectors for the NGPACE Neo Geo motherboard project as well.

I expect them all to arrive sometime before Easter. I probably won't get time to build anything until after Easter though, unless they come in very early in the week.

I've started on the Lode Runner disassembly as a side project. I've decided to do two (2) ports in parallel - the TRS-80 Model 4 (Z80) and Coco 3 (6809). I know I should be doing Donkey Kong as well...

It's been slow going as I'm not very familiar with either the Apple II or the 6502, but thus far I've decoded the title screen and converted the graphics to a format more suited to non-Apple machines. I've got the TRS-80 Model 4 displaying the title (pixel-doubled) in 640x240 mode, using George Phillip's trs80gp emulator. The Coco 3 version is currently WIP while I find an easy way to launch binary files directly in an emulator without having to muck about with DSK images. I'll develop a monochrome version on the Coco 3 initially, in order to use the same graphic data as the TRS-80 Model 4. Later on I can add a 4-colour version.

Next task on NGPACE proper is to design the programmer/analyser board. I've started on the FPGA HDL code in order to confirm my choice of devices. In parallel I'll start on schematic capture as I can hopefully convince my colleague (who laid out the adapters) to lend a hand there too!


  1. Connectors arrived from Digikey today... awaiting PCB's from China...

  2. PCB's shipped from China today!