Tuesday, 17 June 2014

June 2014 Update

Again, a month since my last update and again, work has prevented me from spending any significant time on this project.

My colleague has continued to work on this when he's available though, so it is forging ahead. Just yesterday we did some measurements on the +5V rail to ensure the power supplies that have been designed for the programmer/analyzer board are sufficient - they are.

Very soon I'll need to pick up the FPGA projects again as the schematics near completion. However we'll probably start work on the flash cartridge before manufacturing our prototype, just to minimise the risk that we've forgotten something crucial on the programmer/analyzer board. So nothing tangible for another few months I'm afraid.

In the meantime I'm considering a Neo Geo port of my all-but-complete Coco 3 port of Apple II Lode Runner. It'll be an experiment in automated static translation from 6502/6809 to 68K. And of course I need to finish off my half-complete Donkey Kong port as well...

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