Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 and beyond

Part of my New Year resolutions is to be more productive with my time this year. I think 2015 is crunch time for this project, and if I don't get a move-on, someone is going to beat me to it. Whilst my spare time is going to be truly limited in the next 6-12 months, it's all about making the most of what little I do have, and not just whittling away the hours surfing the net.

Tune in here same time in 2016 to read me lamenting about this year and proclaiming the same resolutions next year.

Layout is continuing with my colleague in the process of morphing his analyzer PCB design (which was complete) into the flash cartridge. No ETA to report as he can only work on it in when his spare time and his motivation happen to coincide with one another. You get what you pay for! But I am happy to report at least that progress is being made, and the project isn't just languishing on the back-burner for months at a time as it has done so in the past.

I also managed to acquire Metal Slug 4 (MVS) - purely for this project of course. It had nothing to do with the fact that Metal Slug is my favourite franchise on the Neo Geo, if not any arcade platform. I should also resolve to actually play these games more and not just collect and emulate them!

Pretty much every reader of this blog has requested specifications of the flash cartridge, so at some point as layout nears completion I'll post those, along with a description of the 'bitmap mode' feature.

When layout is complete I should be able to post a 3D rendering of the PCB. There's simply nothing more exciting than being able to see vapourware in glorious full-colour 3D!

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