Thursday, 2 April 2015

Vaporware rendered in glorious 3D

Here's a very, very preliminary 3D rendering of the flash cartridge PCB.

The large euro connector at the bottom mates with the system adapter boards we designed and prototyped last year, allowing the cart to be used in both AES and MVS systems. The connectors down the right (near) side include serial debug connector, JTAG in/out chain, external power and cartridge PCB interconnect cable. On the left (far) side is the SD card slot.

The prototype is intended to be programmed stand-alone from the SD card before being inserted into the motherboard. A complete cartridge comprises 2 PCB's and the interconnect cable enables both to be programmed from the one SD card image.

Early days yet and features are still subject to change.


  1. Awesome news!!! Keep up with this development!

    $$ is to be made here, but more importantly our ability to play NEOGEO MVS/AES games easily on new HDTV!!!!

    Keep us posted on (if you're not already) :)

  2. Hey! Hows it going? :D Always checking in incase there is an update to this awesome project! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Unfortunately I have no updates to report at this time. The layout is sitting there waiting for me to do a comprehensive review. I hope to be in a position to resume work on this very soon. The recent birth of my son together with some unexpected work issues has left me with absolutely no time for 'play'.

  4. Hi!
    Wow congrats on the child! I got a son myself a couple of months ago so I know the feeling man! Playtime is over... (at least for a while ;).

    Best of luck with all!

  5. Thanks, and congrats to you too! I've got a 3 year old daughter and a 4 month old son - I haven't had playtime in over 3 years now. :(

  6. Awesome! I would definitely buy one of these should it make production.

  7. Congrats on the child! Hope to hear of an update soon - but dont rush it!

  8. This still lives? Pls say yes!

    1. I wish I could say yes, but for the foreseeable future the answer is no. My work situation has changed dramatically, and I'm no longer in a position to either finance this nor take it from layout to bring-up.

      That could change in the future, but it'll be year away if at all.